A typical day feels really nice

Both girls are sleeping in their beds. I just had a glass of wine on my back deck with my husband and without a jacket. A typical day feels really nice. This morning I dragged a tired 3 year old out of bed and made her wear her pink pants she says don’t let her jump high enough and a sweater with white flowers on it. I gazed down at a sweet baby smiling and laughing in her crib and changed her into a brand new purple and yellow onesie. We all sleepily walked downstairs to let a barking dog out into the front yard and scrambled for something “yummy” yet healthy for breakfast. I fed a hungry baby a bottle while barely focussing on the perfect way to hold her or the time it was taking for her to finish. As the sun filled our house with light a still half asleep 3 year old put on her boots and jacket all by herself. The three of us piled in the car and drove to an adorable school 10 minutes from our house. I tried to help a little girl with her backpack but she corrected me, “I can carry all my stuff, mom, I can handle it.” Quietly she walked into school, wondering if her teacher would notice she was back. She ran to her hook on the wall and quickly deposited her pack. I wanted to cry at the smile on her face, how I didn’t realize how much she was missing until I saw how happy she was when it was returned to her. Hugs from friends, excitement from teachers, a kiss and a hug, and a “have a wonderful day.” Back at home I slowly finished a cup of coffee with a sleeping 6 month old cradled in my arms. The house was quiet, I watched her face as she slept, and felt warmth in my heart at the peaceful look of a sleeping child. 11:30 and we raced to school to find out how things had gone on the first day back. A little girl in purple snowpants was playing with her friends and barely noticed I was there. A genuine smile that can light up a face is all a mother really wants, I took a moment and watched my 3 year old girl smiling with friends instead of bored at a doctor’s office. From school to home, to swimming lessons, back home, baths for both girls, burgers for dinner as a family of 4 sat at their dinner table and talked about their day. A sweet baby making silly noises in her highchair, a 3 year old talking about flowers and sunshine. The details of today seem somewhat mundane all placed together, not poetic or important, but to me they feel like a deep breath. Today was a typical day, difficult days can still show up, but mixed with days like these, feels really nice.

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One Response to A typical day feels really nice

  1. saragail says:

    Never underestimate the power of a normal day! XOXO

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