Finally growing out of those newborn clothes!

It has taken 6 months for Ellie to gain 4 pounds. Weekly weigh-ins usually left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. Some weeks Ellie lost weight as her heart was working so hard she was burning more calories to eat than her bottles were giving her. So when many parents are tossing newborn clothes as their babies graduate away from sponge baths, we were still putting Ellie in sleepers she returned home from the hospital in. Today I excitedly walked into her doctor’s office, ready to place Ellie on the scale and see how well she’s done. 12.7 pounds! Ellie has nearly gained two pounds since surgery, and when you factor in she probably lost weight the first few days after surgery, it really is amazing. Placing Ellie in baths before, she still looked like a newborn, now I see adorable rolls starting to form, round little cheeks, and goodbye to those newborn clothes! Ellie had an appointment with her cardiologist on Wednesday, the original date for her surgery, and the doctor was very pleased. Her echo looked great, no fluid surrounding her heart, no fluid in her lungs, heart function looked good. Ellie’s breathing and heart rate has normalized, a brand new baby with the same sweet heart we always knew she had. Recovery continues as we will remain cautious for another month. Her ribs are still healing and her heart is still not at it’s full potential yet. It will all take time but instead of watching Ellie get further into heart failure I am witnessing her growing stronger every day, an inspiring and humbling experience. Almost 4 weeks post op and I am playing on the floor of our Barrie home with two healthy girls, a hard working husband who can make his girls laugh harder than anyone, and an old yet protective dog. I’d say life is good. Plan for the weekend: toss those newborn clothes out with the trash!

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2 Responses to Finally growing out of those newborn clothes!

  1. Karen says:

    Such good news.

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