I just love the way Ellie looks at Mya. She walks into the room and Ellie’s face lights up with joy as if she is the most amazing person in the world. Ellie is right to be amazed. I am so proud of Ellie for the way she has handled such difficult medical circumstances with bravery and strength, and I am also amazed at Mya. The way it’s hard to believe she’s only 3 because she seems to know that Ellie needs her to be strong and is so accepting of the sacrifices she’s made these past few weeks: leaving preschool, moving to Toronto during Ellie’s hospital stay, missing out on play dates and friends, acquiring quite the sticker collection from the various doctors appointments she’s been to for Ellie. Mya starts school again on Monday and I know she is so excited. I think Ellie and I will miss our bright little star, dancing around the house every morning in her pj’s.


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3 Responses to Amazement

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Such pretty little girls. And brave, indeed. ūüôā VB

  2. Stephannie Mower says:

    And it is the little children that remind us of the meaning of love, fulfillment and joy.
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder . Many blessings to all of you .

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