Happy dance happy dance

I enjoyed the sweetest cuddle with Ellie tonight with no wires, no IV lines, and no drainage tubes! Ellie’s drainage has been down all weekend so yesterday afternoon I received a call from the nurse who I’ve been reporting the drainage to saying I would receive a call Monday morning with a time to come in and assess whether her drainage tubes could be taken out. At 8am the surgical nurse practitioner called to say I had an appointment at 10am and needed to go get a chest xray first. So with a combination of excitement for the prospect of the tubes being removed and anxiety towards another chest xray, Ellie and I headed to the hospital. After her chest xray we met with the surgical nurse practioner who said the chest xray looked good, she evaluated Ellie, met with the doctor and decided it was time for the tubes to be removed. I refrained from doing a happy dance in her office and fought back the urge to hug her. I gave Ellie a dose of morphine as I was warned the procedure would be painful for her and walked around the hospital to let the medication sink in, and to let the idea that we may be done with heart surgery and everything thereafter sink in for me. Ellie was a brave little girl when they removed her tubes and stitched up the site where they had been. A tube was in each side of her lung and came out from just under her ribs. The tubes then led to a smal bulb where the fluid was collected. After the tubes were taken out I fed Ellie and they checked her lungs and the bandages from where the stitches were and we were sent home, me with a brave little girl who could be cuddled without the fear of tubes coming out or pain from their placement. Happy dance to the car happy danced while paying for parking. Ellie is clearly much happier, smiling and laughing. Mya even congratulated Ellie after her doctor’s appointment and told her she was really proud of her. Travis had to return to work today and we all missed him. In the spirit of finding the good during somewhat dark days, the past week the time we’ve all spent together as a family has been something I will happily take away from any stress I’ve experienced. Without the normal duties and responsibilities that come when you’re at home, we could spend time only with each other, focussing on getting Ellie better and making sure Mya remembers she is special and brave too. We have stayed in our pajamas all day, had candy for lunch, watched movies, and spent time enjoying a baby who is no longer in heart failure and a three year old who can always put life in real terms. “Mya,” I told her, “I really miss our home.” “Yes mommy,” says Mya, “I miss my pink room, but we’ll be home soon.” I am so lucky, happy dance in my dreams tonight. 

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3 Responses to Happy dance happy dance

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    So grateful that Ellie is back home. She is a lucky little girl to have such a great mommy, sister, and dad . Keep me posted on her progress . Xo- Vicki

  2. Lucy says:

    Love the term happy dance. Used
    that term at rodeo when our mutton bustin team balances the books but your story is truly a happy happy dance. You can never understand how proud I am of you and your family. Elie looks 100% better and happier. Happy dance for everyone!!!!!

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