Mya and Ellie

It was so wonderful to see Mya and Ellie together again last Sunday when Ellie was discharged from the hospital I wanted to share.
Me: “Mya do you know what happened to Ellie while she was in the hospital?”
Mya: “Yes, her heart, the holes are fixed.”
Me: “So this mark on her chest is where the doctor had to go in and fix her heart and we can’t touch it till it’s better.”
Mya: “Awe, Ellie’s got a big booboo, like a scratch.”
Me: “And these are tubes that go in her chest to help her heal.”
Sweet Mya touches Ellie’s head with the tips of her fingers, “I really like your tubes Ellie, they look really nice.”
Me: “Mya I love to way you look at things.”
Mya: “You’re welcome mommy.”

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