Day 5

I had to make sure I really meant day 5 because I can’t believe it but we are home. Ellie is completely stable and leaving the hospital way better than when she entered. We are able to continue to watch out for her chylothorax at home as her drainage tubes are still in. I have been given lessons on how to care for the tubes. I will be emptying her drainage tubes twice a day and calling the nurse every morning to give her the amounts. I have also been given an iPad I will use to skype the nurse once a day to show her Ellie and ask questions. I will have this iPad for 10 days. Weekly we will return to the hospital to have the dressing for the tubes changed and to determine if her chylothorax is healing. Once the drainage goes down they can be removed. Ellie is still on pain medication and Lasix, both we will not be needing soon. It is so wonderful to have the family together and I can tell Ellie is happy to be home. I still can’t believe we’re past heart surgery. It doesn’t seem real. I can picture us this summer enjoying being outside and watching Ellie smiling and laughing. She already can breath so much better than before. The tubes are certainly a discomfort for her so I’m looking forward to moving past recovery. In the meantime I will enjoy cuddling with my sweet girl because I know she will be busy once she feels well enough to move around more. She is a special girl who I am already so proud of. I was going through all her paperwork as we got home reading her discharge notes. As I read over her last note from the doctor from this morning, “patient had no murmur” I had to breath in slowly and enjoy those words, Ellie is no longer in heart failure, we made it!

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One Response to Day 5

  1. Karen says:

    That is great news. She looks more relaxed to me.

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