Day 3

A busy day for Ellie! This morning she had her post-op sedated echo so once again the poor girl had to go without food. The echo was very successful and I even saw her new perfect valves and the patches. They showed me the blood circulating in the right directions and it looked to be the most beautiful heart I’ve seen (I’ll admit I’ve only seen her heart but I can still make that assertion). After her echo we tried Ellie on her special food and I’m proud to say she loved it! She finished the bottle faster than I’ve ever seen done. A relief to say the least. The doctors explained the protocol for treating her Chylothorax and we’ll just have to take things one step at a time. Each step requires a week to see the results so hopefully special formula is all she needs. She will definitely be on this formula for at least 6 weeks. She will have to keep her chest drainage tubes in till we know if the formula is working. Ellie is still on oxygen but a very small amount. Her NG tube has been removed as well as wires that were in her chest just in case they had to shock her heart into rhythm. Although I’m still frustrated with the chylothorax, the echo was a wonderful event, we came here to get her heart fixed and it is. Mya and Travis have been spending a lot of father daughter time together. Mya misses Ellie and cannot completely understand heart surgery and inpatient care, she is unfortunately not allowed on the cardiac floor of the hospital. I’m proud of both my girls, they are braver than I think I could ever be. Goal for tomorrow: oxygen! Seriously let’s get rid of that oxygen already!

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