March 4th is our heart day

Today has been a day filled with every kind of emotion I have in me right now. We went to the hospital for pre-op today and were given a new surgery date of Wednesday, March 5th. Throughout the day we were not fully expecting to proceed with this date as Ellie has developed hypothyroidism and we thought we needed more time for her medicine to kick in prior to surgery. As the day progressed however the date of March 5th started to seem very real, blood was taken, xrays done, meetings with anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, cardiologists, a power point presentation on Ellie in the ICU. Travis and I started thinking, they are preparing us for surgery on Wednesday. We then asked the nurse about her thyroid who replied the blood results came back fine, the medicine is working, open heart surgery on Wednesday. We left feeling everything we thought we would feel, except a little bit of what I thought would be relief was clouded with fear. Although, on the elevator ride to the car, sweet Ellie was laughing, a sweet little laugh and a glow in her eyes as if to say, “I got this mom, we’ll be fine.” And although her laugh made me smile I am still scared, but I feel if Ellie’s heart can survive this long with no true valves and holes in the walls, surgery could never break such a fighter. Then as we are preparing for Wednesday we get a call that we’ve been moved again, to Tuesday, tomorrow, March 4th. So tomorrow, March 4th will forever be known to us as Ellie’s heart day. We will look back on it as a wonderful day and we will celebrate how strong we all were and how a team of special people saved Ellie’s life. For now though I know it will be a hard day, and a hard week, and maybe a tough month, but I am looking forward to celebrating Ellie’s heart day and marvelling at how amazing she truly is.

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2 Responses to March 4th is our heart day

  1. Saralyn says:

    OMG! I thought I would check in, thinking surgery was still a little bit away. I was overjoyed to see it’s over and was super successful! I still need to read through all your posts, but, YEAH!! Hugs to each of you!

  2. Mare Charlesworth says:

    We were all praying that God would guide the hands of Ellie’s team and for you, Trav and Miss Mia.

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